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    World Class Android
    Fat Robot builds beautiful world class Android apps.
    Our clients rely on us to make them shine on all Android devices.
    Users praise our work with great ratings and positive feedback.
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    Onefootball Editor's Choice
    Onefootball Editor's Choice
    Onefootball Editor's Choice
    Onefootball Editor's Choice
    Loved by users
    Our work receives high ratings and positive feedback from Users.
    We typically see ratings above four stars for project we have helped.
    Users appreciate the care and attention we put into our work.
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    Onefootball Editor's Choice
    Noticed by others
    Our work is regularly promoted by Google on the Play Store.
    We often have our apps highlighted in the New and Updated apps section.
    We also made to Google's Best Apps 2014 list and Editor's Choice.
The Fat Robot team were amazing - anyone who takes the Android platform seriously should be talking to these guys.
Maxime Blanc-Strauss, Head of Product, Onefootball

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Smashing Android UI

Smashing Android UI Book