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Apps we use - Pushbullet

Apps we use - Pushbullet

Today I’m writing about Pushbullet - a great tool when you have multiple devices.

Pushbullet enables you to send links and files between devices. Most often, I find myself using it to send screenshots taken from a phone/tablet to my laptop to file a bug report. It’s also great if you want to send a URL from your laptop browser to a mobile device.

Although it is possible to send to other people from Pushbullet, I tend to do this via Slack - primarily so that we can keep all project communication consolidated.

Pushbullet is free. For mobile devices, there are apps for Android, iOS - you can either send from the Pushbullet app, aor share from another app using Intents/Share Sheet. For computers, there are browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera as well as OSX and Windows apps.

Recently, the guys at Pushbullet have been adding other features which I haven’t tried yet. These include sending/receiving SMS from your computer, seeing device notifications on your computer and something called ‘Channels’ which is something like a news feed.

06 Jul 2015
Jasper Morgan